Hi! I’m a Product Designer based in Cape Town, South Africa, looking to have fun whilecollaborating and creating meaningful work. ❤️ My background ranges from working in-studio to freelancing in-house for startups. If I’m not working,you can find me birdwatching, hiking or traveling.


Product Designer,

Logic + Rhythm

2020 - Present

Logic + Rhythm is a remote technology studio formed out of years working for big tech companies. Think of L+R as your digital product team for hire. We help companies get their ideas off the ground by designing, prototyping, and building great software together in collaborative environment.

Freelance Creative Director,

Him + Digital Co.

2019 - 2021

Him + Digital is a Digital Marketing firm in the United States. I started off as a part-time designer to create social media content, video assets and landing page builds for their array of clients. After a year, I was promoted to Creative Director, where I oversaw a team of 2 digital designers.

Freelance Product Designer,



Turn.io allows social impact organisations to connect with millions of users on large scale messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Android Messages. During my time at Turn.io I worked on multiple features which were released and assisted with marketing materials.

Product Designer,


2018 - 2020

MakeReign is an award winning product design agency which creates result driven digital products. I formed part of a three man product design team responsible for the Woolworths App. And formed part of an innovation team, called WDA, which ran sprints to test new product ideas and conduct user-testing for Woolworths Financial Services. I also redesigned the Woolworths Website during my time with the studio.

UX/UI Designer,



Longbeard is a digital media agency who's intent is to stir creative revolution in the digital non-profit space. I started interning at Longbeard, while study. During this period, I got promoted to a UX/UI Designer position within the company where I designed websites for various non-profits.


I have worked with Nicola on two different occasions, and given the opportunity I would work with her again. As a designer she is flawless and smart. She always understood what the client wanted and I trusted her to deliver. Never did I have an instance where the client was dissatisfied. And to the point, Nicola had my complete trust. When she said she would do something she did it, and I knew she would do it well. She went above and beyond her job requirements: working on processes with project managers, trying out new software and making recommendations (even for departments she was not in), help with hiring, and even setting up a Christmas card exchange. Nicola wasn't just a valuable person within our work culture, she helped to craft the culture itself. Nicola is, and always will be, one of the best hires I have ever made in my work history. I cannot recommend her enough.

Joshua Tijerina,
CEO at Him + Her Digital Co

I can't quite put into words what a delight it was to have Nicola work with us at Turn.io for 6 months. Even as a freelancer, she acted like a permanent team member - taking real ownership over what she was delivering, thinking through holistic design for the business and went beyond what was expected of her in a Product Design role. She works well in a fully remote team with a lot of autonomy because she's great at communicating. I never had to ask where we were with the designs, what she needed support on or when she would deliver because she would have already told me. She elevated the design of our product at Turn.io and we are so glad she was part of our startup journey!

Pippa Yeats,
Co-founder at Turn.io

Nicola worked for Longboard Creative on our design team, and throughout that time she was an extremely creative and capable designer. Nicola had a fantastic eye for unique designs, and was able to implement some great strategies. Nicola focused mostly on UX/UI design. She played a significant role in connecting the site with the user experience. She has an innate, and unique ability to connect the details to the bigger picture. Her designs allowed Longboard to be both innovative and user-friendly, as such our clients were always happy. Another large part of Nicola’s job with us was coordinating thoughts and ideas from our South African office. She was always thoughtful and considerate. Nicola is a natural leader, as well as an excellent team player. Nicola can work independently, which makes her a special find for any organisation she works for. At Longboard, we believe that Nicola can do anything, and as such she is very highly recommended.

Nathan Tijerina,
COO at Longbeard Creative